About Utixo

Our Commitment

Our purpose is to ensure that all our client’s expectations are met by fostering long-term relationships and efficient service to all stakeholders.

Our Mission

To provide cost-effective, integrated and innovative solutions to our clients by utilising leading edge technology and industry standards. We add continuous value to our client’s operations and strive to build mutually beneficial long-term partnerships.

Our Vision

To be the principal provider of turnkey information solutions for both international governments and private companies.

Our Values

  • Client Value Creation through optimization.
  • Collaboration by leveraging collective genius.
  • Quality by doing what we do, well.
  • Supporting Sustainability.
  • Have integrity by being consistently open, honest, ethical and genuine.

Our Strategy

With a comprehensive footprint worldwide, through our consultants and partner organisations, and more than 35 years’ experience, we have successfully implemented multiple large projects in more than 12 countries.

Utixo has clients in numerous African countries and in various sectors, both in developed and emerging markets.

We focus on providing world-class solutions to companies and governments by taking pride in providing them with cost-effective, tailored, turnkey solutions and consulting services.

We firmly believe that this has placed us in a leading position to offer unmatched capability in our industry. We focus on establishing and nurturing mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with our local as well as international vendors, to truly offer our clients the very best solutions the industry has to offer. This is just not advocated but also forms part of our design and implementation regime.

The Utixo Team

The Utixo team, consisting of senior consultants, managers, analysts, designers and support personnel, has an enormous amount of experience and skills. This ensures that they fully understand the clients’ needs and offer the best possible solution to satisfy these needs. The ongoing partnerships between us and our clients means that we vigilantly examine the operations of our clients to ensure that the solution continues to be effective and efficient, yet an awareness to our customers’ financial environment is always maintained.

We believe in innovation, and constantly look for new ways to design and optimise solutions. Enhancements acquired from new client requests are conceded onto existing customers’ solutions to keep these solutions up to date and performing at its peak.

Utixo uses the latest technology ensuring that out systems, consultants and designers are driven by the desire to ensure that a durable solution is deployed that meets our clients’ needs at an expectable price point.