All Your Business Solutions

Utixo International (Pty) Ltd focuses on specific IT business solutions in a niche market, proudly striving to render services of the highest quality to its customers. We specialise in, amongst others, the following solutions:

Services and Solutions

We are a wholly independent system integrator, that have carefully positioned ourselves to design systems that are single vendor-independent and adhere to an open systems architectural model.

We provide end-to-end business solutions that will enable our customers to embrace the new technology without the risk of lowering security and privacy.

All our business solutions are personalized to meet the individual requirements of each of our clients. We provide turnkey solutions which include, among others, elements such as:

  • Consultation
  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Project- and/or programme management
  • Business requirement analysis
  • Business optimization
  • Process optimization
  • Capacity planning
  • Scheduling

Utixo provides solutions that extend from a single stand-alone system to large integrated multi-platform national systems yet keeping the same architecture and open standards.

We believe that systems, as humans, should be able to interact, interface and socialize with one other. This strong emphasis on data interchange capabilities, in our systems design and deployment methodology, makes our systems “live” in symbioses with other related systems in both governmental and non-government organizations.

We understand the importance of systems integrity, systems security and information privacy when it comes to collecting information, as well as putting the solution in place. Therefore, we frequently use a partnership approach for each project, from the initial identification phase of the client’s requirements and identifying the system specifications, to deployment, support and maintenance.

System design and development

  • Cash Pay-out systems
  • Self-service and Kiosk systems
  • Secure Biometric Solutions, i.e. fingerprints, iris capturing and recognition
  • Functional and system specifications
  • Data analytics
  • Business and departmental optimisation
  • Employee / workforce incentive schemes and systems
  • Overall business and or departmental productivity analytics and enhancement
  • Business processes and workflow design and implementation
  • National Driving License Solutions
  • Traffic Management Systems
  • Freeway Monitoring solutions
  • Motor Vehicle Registration & Licensing Solutions
  • Driver’s Licensing Solutions
  • National Population Registration Solutions
  • Card Production, i.e. driver’s licenses, ID cards, voter cards, government employee cards
  • Workflow Automation, i.e. improving efficiency in any process
  • Voter / Member / Employee Registration, vetting and Processing
  • Personal Identification Solutions